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Cry Circle Touch – Or What I Have Learned From Grad School So Far.

OUAugust 27th was a monumental day. Not only was it Grandma Doris’ 78th birthday, but it was also my first first day of school in six years. I officially began my journey towards earning a Master of Fine Arts in Acting from Ohio University. They only accept 10 actors into their program every three years. The fact that I am a part of this class still amazes and inspires me to give thanks. I can’t say as I every imagined myself living in a college town in rural Ohio, but given the circumstances, I’m more than ok with it. The campus and surrounding areas are stunning and as the school was founded in 1804, the town its self has a lot of fantastic history and charm.

Before moving away, a very dear friend of mine (and MFA acting program survivor) shared a list of things I could expect from Grad School and one of them stood out. It was the ‘Cry Circle Touch’ phenomenon, in which during a class, someone would begin crying, be it from a breathing exercise, a stretch or whatever and the impulse would be for the class to circle around and give a consoling touch on the arm of the person crying. He warned that this would prove to become a habit for some and would inevitably last the entirety of the 3 year program. To which I rolled my eyes and said something to the effect of “Good lord. Not on my watch. Acting isn’t about crying!” He and I had a good laugh about it.

On my second day of school, we were in a movement class and guess who found herself crying on the floor? This girl. All I could think was “I don’t want to be the first Cry Circle Touch!!!”

Much to my relief, I’m now entering my 7th week of classes and I’ve seen everyone in my studio cry – some of us multiple times. Who knew getting an MFA in acting would be so Dramatic?


In other news, I finally feel as though I’ve fallen into a routine here in Athens. I know where to go for things like food, entertainment, football games and the like. One of my greatest challenges currently is not eating at a local joint called Big Mamma’s Burritos for lunch every day.Ashley and I

Some of the amazing things I’ve been able to do since school started include:

  • Teaching Intro To Acting for Non-Majors
  • Performing in the weekly playwrights’ Mid-Night madness showcase on Friday Nights
  • Reading for 4 full length new works for the playwrights
  • Being cast in All This Intimacy
  • Meeting amazing people
  • Being the Maid of Honor in my Best Friend’s Wedding
  • Filming a horror short and get doused in fake blood

Teaching has been such an incredible and challenging experience, but one that I love. Watching the friendships forming in my class takes me back to freshman year at the U of M and our Fundamentals of The Performance class, where I learned so many great lessons and worked with people I still adore to this day. I told my students on the first day of class that it was my dream that when they all graduated, they would look back and remember this class as their favorite because of the fun they had and the friends that they made. I then also shared that winning an Oscar was my other dream, but that I was going to focus on the present, just for them.

Barbara from "Raid of The Vomit Blood Fiends"There are days when I miss home more than I can even comprehend at times. In those moments, I’ve begun reminding myself that home will always be there and each day this distance makes my heart grow fonder for Minneapolis. It’s really exciting to share stories about the theater scene and the people I love with this new circle of people in my life. I’ve done a fair share of encouraging people to head there after they graduate, especially the playwrights.

I’m astounded by how much has happened in just 7 weeks and am thrilled to see what more will happen over the next few years!

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Time for some Christmas Caroling!

Fall has managed to fly right on past me.  September was filled with the remount of “Yarrrh” at Open Eye Figure theater. October brought the beginning of rehearsals for “Inspecting Carol” as well as some fantastic commercial filming. As November wraps up, I celebrated another birthday, Tech-ed an amazing show and saw this commercial come to life. Not to mention, I created this to accompany our new company.

All and all, it’s been a pretty productive fall!

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Holy Guacamole Button! It’s Fringe TIME!!!

Wow. It’s happened. I don’t even know how, but the Fringe started yesterday and I have yet to make mention of it. Oh The HUMANITY.

My schedule has been filled – not completely as to allow for a few random acts to fill up my theatrical over indulgence – and yet I won’t begin Fringing until Sunday. That’s when YARRRH! opens. We’ve been so busy rehearsing and singing and costume swapping and puppeteering and sword fighting that I’m actually not certain even what day it is. We had a spectacular run last night and one final night of rehearsal tonight before the world is introduced to some lusty, busty pirates.

More on my Fringe obsession will come next week

In other crazy exciting news – those commercials I mentioned working on have begun paying off – BIG TIME. We’ve been purchased twice to the total tune of $17,500. It’s really exciting to be a part of a really smart, funny and successful team. I cannot wait to get to work on our next project.

Alright – it’s about that time to be off to the land of final rehearsals. Happy Fringing Everyone!

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It Beeeee Summer Matey!

I’m thrilled to report that in our great state of Minnesota, it is Hot. Hot weather, Hot people doing things outside as well as Hot ladies rehearsing for a Pirate Musical inside. It’s official, rehearsals for “Yarrr!” have begun. I know what you’re thinking “Holy crap! Isn’t the fringe in August? What are you doing in rehearsal already?”

Well, 1 – kudos on remembering when the fringe is and 2 – one of our leading ladies is tying a knot this weekend – and not in the nautical sense. So for her marriage and honeymoon, we have a break. That being said, we’ve already begun dialect coaching and music rehearsals so by the time July rolls around, we’ll have a wooden pirate’s leg up on the competition.

This show has me playing a bad guy, a good guy and a puppet. I’m also finally getting the opportunity to learn and Irish accent – feel free to check in with Chris on my progress, assuming he is still listening to me after a month of practicing around the apartment.

In addition to all of that, work has been moving forward with The Sketch Nation at a great speed. We’ve just produced this commercial submission for Sally Hansen and are hoping to be one of the top videos as then we might win cash and prizes. Or just cash. That would be great too. Please take a moment to watch it and “Like” it as the traffic and “Like”s might assist us in winning. Thank you!!!


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Sexy Audiences and Reviews

You may be aware that I’m working on a show called Sexy Librarian: File Under Rock Musical.  If not, we must not be friends on the Facebook or the Twitter, because it’s pretty much the only thing I’ve been talking about lately. ‘Sexy This’ and ‘Sexy That’ – I’m actually trying to see how many times I can get away with using the word ‘Sexy’ in my status updates before Facebook finds me to be inappropriate. So far, so good.

Who said Microsoft's Paint wasn't fun?

I’m really quite amazed by Joking Envelope’s following – our Friday night preview was pretty packed and our Saturday night opening was just a few short of selling out. This concerns me only because of something posted on my quote board at work. A coworker asked if they had to make reservations in advance to which I replied she’d probably be fine just walking up the night of.

“What if they’re sold out?” she asked.

“I’d pee… I’d be that excited.” I responded.

And here’s where the concern comes in. I’d really rather not have an accident upon learning our show sells out on any given night. But now that it’s been said and committed to the quote board, I can’t be held accountable for my actions.

Be sure to check this show out if you get a chance. It’s been getting really solid reviews. I’m thrilled to be working with Mike Rylander again – you may remember about this time last year, he and I were obnoxiously promoting Live Action Set’s The Happy Show. He’s fantastic as is the rest of the cast of Sexy Librarian. I’ve wanted to work with quite a few people in this cast and feel incredibly fortunate to now have that opportunity.

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Sexy Library Time!!!

In 6 days, one of the hottest shows you will be able to see live in Minneapolis opens at the Theater Garage. On April 28th, previews begin for Joking Envelope’s Sexy Librarian: File Under Rock Musical  and I really couldn’t be much more excited. This show combines elements that I’m a pretty big fan of: Sexiness, Comedy, Rock Music and did I mention Sexiness? Sexiness.

My character’s name is Ashley. She’s a local townsperson recently appointed to a new committee the city council just created.  That’s all I’m saying about here for now. You will be able to get updates from Ashley during each performance. She’ll be hijacking my twitter account (LABol_25) to share crazy antics from the town of Dense Wood and it’s city council. I should warn you, she’s kind of a brat, so these updates may not be the friendliest you’ve ever read. #SexyLibrarian

In other exciting news, you can see me on another website! This is a group I recently connected with via a former college classmate of mine – Gabe Steinberg (his picture is right next to mine). They do awesome things like produce sketches and commercials for contests that may actually bring in this crazy stuff called money. I was a PA for the Acuvue spot and actually got to wrangle puppies and make cotton – Best Day Ever. Speaking of money, they’re hoping to bring in a small amount to help finish up a few projects. Should you be looking for a place to donate some green, I know it would be appreciated.

I hope to see you sexy people at our sexy show next week – there’s an opening night party on Saturday April 30th. I have a feeling it’s going to be sexy and I know you don’t want to miss that. In the event the 30th is a no go for you, here is more info on dates and times and such. See you at the sexy show!

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So, I Pretended to Get Married… Again.

Just about 4 years ago, I responded to an email on the U of M listserve, requesting actors that would be interested in doing some bridal modeling in exchange for headshots. At the time, headshots were not a necessity, but playing dress up in a wedding dress was. imagine my delight when I arrived at the Sofitel to find a fellow U of M alum, Ben Hannah, as my pretend groom. We had a blast.  It was definitely one of the most memorable gigs I’d done.

Fast forward 3 1/2 years, I’m now in a place where I’d like new headshots and remembered that I hadn’t taken Studio Laguna up on their offer. I reached out to Katrina, mostly to see if she remembered me, and to my delight she not only remembered me, but also had another bridal gig in mind for me.

This brings us to this past Sunday, when I found myself driving to Katrina’s house at 5:00am – those of you that know me, know that my being awake at that hour is nothing short of a miracle. We packed her car and headed north to Duluth. Our home base was the beautiful Fitgers Hotel, which was where we met Derick Cich, our make up artist.

The 13 degree January day was filled with wacky events such as – standing outside in a wedding dress by cliffs, standing outside in a kimono, having feathers glued to my eyebrow, bacon cheese burgers, and fantastic stories of our youth. It was amazing. And the proof of this I believe is in the photos.

For more info on the specifics of this event – ie – where this awesome dress came from and who made the crazy fantastic accessories, check out Studio Laguna’s Blog.

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I Passed Out

So the Fringe came and went. I was so excited for it, that I did end up passing out – but more in the sense that doing two separate shows in 10 days is rather exhausting – not to mention the day job on top of that. So mid-fringe, I find myself to be one sick robot. Having a runny nose while wearing silver stage makeup is not something I would recommend to the faint of heart.

I was afforded 3 weeks of ‘R&R’ and then began rehearsals for The Frog Prince at Stages Theatre Co. It’s a new adaptation of an old tale written by a local playwrite and it’s been loads of fun. One of the most exciting moments was receiving a text from my friend and former Prince Charming, Brent Teclaw stating that we would once again be reunited on stage. Though this time not as love interests. That role was given to one Michael Venske – a character that I had heard lots about through the Twitterverse and was excited to now be working with.

We are actually opening tomorrow night and I’m really excited about it. The process has been fantastic and it’s been really great getting a chance to work with the students that are in the cast. It’s interesting to see how things are different for high schoolers that are involved in the theatrical community in the Twin Cities and compare it to my days at EGHS.

In addition to The Frog Prince, I’ve been finding lots of fun film auditions to go to and just last weekend was afforded the opportunity to work with Knucklehead Films on a trailer for a TV pilot. I can’t go into many details about it, other than it was really great and that I hope to work with them again in the near future. On a film. I’m not sayin. I’m just sayin.

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I’m So Excited, I Might Pass Out.

It’s that or I’m just plain old Exhausted.

Turns out this whole 2 Fringe show endeavor was just a bit more than I was prepared for. Big surprise there, I’m sure.

Not to be confused with "Robo-Homo"

However, I couldn’t be happier with both of my productions Robo-Homa  and Paul Bunyan. Though they have a few similarities – ie, I sing in both of them – the overall process differences and character prep for both couldn’t be more extreme. In Robo-Homa, I play a CowMan named Carnes, who’s biggest internal struggle is comprehending gender roles in a robotic society. His second biggest challenge is maintaining a secret robot walk – think along the lines of walking while trying to hide an extreme level of intoxication and you’re on your way.

That's me, On the far right.

Now with Paul Bunyan, Gladys is full of other crazy challenges. How to make her sound like an old lady from northern Minnesota as opposed to Miss Piggy pretending to have a Minnesotan accent would be the first obstacle that comes to mind. Also, the art of giving a puppet breath without some form of CPR has been quite the journey.

That all being said – in less than 60 hours, the 17th annual Minnesota Fringe Festival will open and I really can’t even handle it.

In final news, check out the trailers for my shows and feel free to vote until your heart’s content:


Paul Bunyan

There will be a few Fringe-tastic updates in the coming days – but most importantly – I want to wish you all Happy Fringing!

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Summer time in the Cities

As the trees blossom and the weather warms and people emerge from their hibernation, one thing becomes apparent to me – The Fringe is coming.

In order to keep things fresh and new, I have decided to undertake two productions at this year’s festival. Robo-Homa and Paul Bunyan’s Coming of Age are the productions to prepare yourself for. The best part about the two of these shows is that they are both performing at the Rarig’s proscenium theater.

This may not sound that exciting, but for the Fringers that know, Rarig is THE place to be. With four performance spaces, the entire building comes alive and exudes this fringtastic energy. People waiting in line for one show are talking about the show they just saw upstairs and the show they’re going to see later that day in the basement. Another great bonus about that space is if an audience member doesn’t make it into the show they wanted to see, there are three other immediate options for them.

Realistically, a person could show up at 1:00 on a Saturday and not leave untill 11:00pm. In those 10 hours, they could see 7 productions.  I realize that may sound like a terrible idea, but it’s the Fringe, where sometimes terrible ideas are incredibly successful.