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Sexy Library Time!!!

In 6 days, one of the hottest shows you will be able to see live in Minneapolis opens at the Theater Garage. On April 28th, previews begin for Joking Envelope’s Sexy Librarian: File Under Rock Musical  and I really couldn’t be much more excited. This show combines elements that I’m a pretty big fan of: Sexiness, Comedy, Rock Music and did I mention Sexiness? Sexiness.

My character’s name is Ashley. She’s a local townsperson recently appointed to a new committee the city council just created.  That’s all I’m saying about here for now. You will be able to get updates from Ashley during each performance. She’ll be hijacking my twitter account (LABol_25) to share crazy antics from the town of Dense Wood and it’s city council. I should warn you, she’s kind of a brat, so these updates may not be the friendliest you’ve ever read. #SexyLibrarian

In other exciting news, you can see me on another website! This is a group I recently connected with via a former college classmate of mine – Gabe Steinberg (his picture is right next to mine). They do awesome things like produce sketches and commercials for contests that may actually bring in this crazy stuff called money. I was a PA for the Acuvue spot and actually got to wrangle puppies and make cotton – Best Day Ever. Speaking of money, they’re hoping to bring in a small amount to help finish up a few projects. Should you be looking for a place to donate some green, I know it would be appreciated.

I hope to see you sexy people at our sexy show next week – there’s an opening night party on Saturday April 30th. I have a feeling it’s going to be sexy and I know you don’t want to miss that. In the event the 30th is a no go for you, here is more info on dates and times and such. See you at the sexy show!

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