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Summer time in the Cities

As the trees blossom and the weather warms and people emerge from their hibernation, one thing becomes apparent to me – The Fringe is coming.

In order to keep things fresh and new, I have decided to undertake two productions at this year’s festival. Robo-Homa and Paul Bunyan’s Coming of Age are the productions to prepare yourself for. The best part about the two of these shows is that they are both performing at the Rarig’s proscenium theater.

This may not sound that exciting, but for the Fringers that know, Rarig is THE place to be. With four performance spaces, the entire building comes alive and exudes this fringtastic energy. People waiting in line for one show are talking about the show they just saw upstairs and the show they’re going to see later that day in the basement. Another great bonus about that space is if an audience member doesn’t make it into the show they wanted to see, there are three other immediate options for them.

Realistically, a person could show up at 1:00 on a Saturday and not leave untill 11:00pm. In those 10 hours, they could see 7 productions.  I realize that may sound like a terrible idea, but it’s the Fringe, where sometimes terrible ideas are incredibly successful.

One thought on “Summer time in the Cities

  1. I actually went to your blog istead of just reading it in Google Reader, and I have to say I love the look and the glamour shots!!

    I’m excited for Robo-homa, quite possibly the best idea for a play/musical that I have ever heard! And the Rarig Rules!

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