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Holy Guacamole Button! It’s Fringe TIME!!!

Wow. It’s happened. I don’t even know how, but the Fringe started yesterday and I have yet to make mention of it. Oh The HUMANITY.

My schedule has been filled – not completely as to allow for a few random acts to fill up my theatrical over indulgence – and yet I won’t begin Fringing until Sunday. That’s when YARRRH! opens. We’ve been so busy rehearsing and singing and costume swapping and puppeteering and sword fighting that I’m actually not certain even what day it is. We had a spectacular run last night and one final night of rehearsal tonight before the world is introduced to some lusty, busty pirates.

More on my Fringe obsession will come next week

In other crazy exciting news – those commercials I mentioned working on have begun paying off – BIG TIME. We’ve been purchased twice to the total tune of $17,500. It’s really exciting to be a part of a really smart, funny and successful team. I cannot wait to get to work on our next project.

Alright – it’s about that time to be off to the land of final rehearsals. Happy Fringing Everyone!

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