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It Beeeee Summer Matey!

I’m thrilled to report that in our great state of Minnesota, it is Hot. Hot weather, Hot people doing things outside as well as Hot ladies rehearsing for a Pirate Musical inside. It’s official, rehearsals for “Yarrr!” have begun. I know what you’re thinking “Holy crap! Isn’t the fringe in August? What are you doing in rehearsal already?”

Well, 1 – kudos on remembering when the fringe is and 2 – one of our leading ladies is tying a knot this weekend – and not in the nautical sense. So for her marriage and honeymoon, we have a break. That being said, we’ve already begun dialect coaching and music rehearsals so by the time July rolls around, we’ll have a wooden pirate’s leg up on the competition.

This show has me playing a bad guy, a good guy and a puppet. I’m also finally getting the opportunity to learn and Irish accent – feel free to check in with Chris on my progress, assuming he is still listening to me after a month of practicing around the apartment.

In addition to all of that, work has been moving forward with The Sketch Nation at a great speed. We’ve just produced this commercial submission for Sally Hansen and are hoping to be one of the top videos as then we might win cash and prizes. Or just cash. That would be great too. Please take a moment to watch it and “Like” it as the traffic and “Like”s might assist us in winning. Thank you!!!


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