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I’m So Excited, I Might Pass Out.

It’s that or I’m just plain old Exhausted.

Turns out this whole 2 Fringe show endeavor was just a bit more than I was prepared for. Big surprise there, I’m sure.

Not to be confused with "Robo-Homo"

However, I couldn’t be happier with both of my productions Robo-Homa  and Paul Bunyan. Though they have a few similarities – ie, I sing in both of them – the overall process differences and character prep for both couldn’t be more extreme. In Robo-Homa, I play a CowMan named Carnes, who’s biggest internal struggle is comprehending gender roles in a robotic society. His second biggest challenge is maintaining a secret robot walk – think along the lines of walking while trying to hide an extreme level of intoxication and you’re on your way.

That's me, On the far right.

Now with Paul Bunyan, Gladys is full of other crazy challenges. How to make her sound like an old lady from northern Minnesota as opposed to Miss Piggy pretending to have a Minnesotan accent would be the first obstacle that comes to mind. Also, the art of giving a puppet breath without some form of CPR has been quite the journey.

That all being said – in less than 60 hours, the 17th annual Minnesota Fringe Festival will open and I really can’t even handle it.

In final news, check out the trailers for my shows and feel free to vote until your heart’s content:


Paul Bunyan

There will be a few Fringe-tastic updates in the coming days – but most importantly – I want to wish you all Happy Fringing!