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So, I Pretended to Get Married… Again.

Just about 4 years ago, I responded to an email on the U of M listserve, requesting actors that would be interested in doing some bridal modeling in exchange for headshots. At the time, headshots were not a necessity, but playing dress up in a wedding dress was. imagine my delight when I arrived at the Sofitel to find a fellow U of M alum, Ben Hannah, as my pretend groom. We had a blast.  It was definitely one of the most memorable gigs I’d done.

Fast forward 3 1/2 years, I’m now in a place where I’d like new headshots and remembered that I hadn’t taken Studio Laguna up on their offer. I reached out to Katrina, mostly to see if she remembered me, and to my delight she not only remembered me, but also had another bridal gig in mind for me.

This brings us to this past Sunday, when I found myself driving to Katrina’s house at 5:00am – those of you that know me, know that my being awake at that hour is nothing short of a miracle. We packed her car and headed north to Duluth. Our home base was the beautiful Fitgers Hotel, which was where we met Derick Cich, our make up artist.

The 13 degree January day was filled with wacky events such as – standing outside in a wedding dress by cliffs, standing outside in a kimono, having feathers glued to my eyebrow, bacon cheese burgers, and fantastic stories of our youth. It was amazing. And the proof of this I believe is in the photos.

For more info on the specifics of this event – ie – where this awesome dress came from and who made the crazy fantastic accessories, check out Studio Laguna’s Blog.

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Someone from Vita.MN Thought I Was Fashionable!


Fashion: Fringe wearThe Avon Dress

Fortunately no one wore any actual fringe at the Fringe Festival closing party at First Avenue.

Lisa Bol 24, project manager, actress 

What are you wearing? A New York & Company headband, Avon handkerchief dress, Liz Claiborne purse, Target shoes.

Describe your personal style: I like clothes that “work” for and with me.

Best Fringe show you saw: I would have to say “War of the Worlds: The Musical” (as I was in it) and “Mortem Capiendum.”

What adds drama to your outfits? Usually my personality. Also, great shoes and accessories.