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I Passed Out

So the Fringe came and went. I was so excited for it, that I did end up passing out – but more in the sense that doing two separate shows in 10 days is rather exhausting – not to mention the day job on top of that. So mid-fringe, I find myself to be one sick robot. Having a runny nose while wearing silver stage makeup is not something I would recommend to the faint of heart.

I was afforded 3 weeks of ‘R&R’ and then began rehearsals for The Frog Prince at Stages Theatre Co. It’s a new adaptation of an old tale written by a local playwrite and it’s been loads of fun. One of the most exciting moments was receiving a text from my friend and former Prince Charming, Brent Teclaw stating that we would once again be reunited on stage. Though this time not as love interests. That role was given to one Michael Venske – a character that I had heard lots about through the Twitterverse and was excited to now be working with.

We are actually opening tomorrow night and I’m really excited about it. The process has been fantastic and it’s been really great getting a chance to work with the students that are in the cast. It’s interesting to see how things are different for high schoolers that are involved in the theatrical community in the Twin Cities and compare it to my days at EGHS.

In addition to The Frog Prince, I’ve been finding lots of fun film auditions to go to and just last weekend was afforded the opportunity to work with Knucklehead Films on a trailer for a TV pilot. I can’t go into many details about it, other than it was really great and that I hope to work with them again in the near future. On a film. I’m not sayin. I’m just sayin.

4 thoughts on “I Passed Out

  1. “various roles including 2 supporting male leads and several exotic dancer-type women, as well as background extras”

    Well, I think I know what part you auditioned for ;0)

  2. I would just like to say thank you for linking to the EGHS Drama page and allowing me to relive the experience of gender-bending with you while having Willie Nelson braids and whacking you with a walking stick. (All in the name of Shakespeare, no less!) It is ironic that I, nor Willie, have hair like that anymore.

    1. Oh the gender-bending we did! …And sadly sometimes I still do… I still can’t believe he let us do the preshow with our cell phones asking one another “Vous le vous coucher avec moi?” What rebels we were then. 🙂

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