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The Emmy’s Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Us

Simple_Ivey_Ticket_normalI won’t lie – I basically began counting down to the Ivey’s when the Fringe Festival ended. OK, that’s a lie. I actually bought my dress for the big night in mid-July…. So I’ve been looking forward to it for roughly two months, and you have to believe that this past Monday, September 21st, I was past the point of being reasonably excited. Picture small child riding through Toys-R-Us on a miniature horse who’s saddlebags are filled with gummy peach rings and lollipops; then believe that I would have kicked that kid’s level of excitement down the stairs.

Which would now explain why my manager suggested I leave an hour early to get ready…

After a quick jaunt home to Glamorize, I was back on the bus headed downtown and found myself having a fantastic conversation with a fellow glamorized gal, Carla Waldemar. She too was on her way to the Ivey’s and we were able to share our theatrical backgrounds and our picks for the evening.

Upon arrival, I headed into Rock Bottom Brewery to meet up with my mattpartner in crime – Matt Spring. 2009 marked our 3rd annual attending of the Ivey’s and our group had tripled. 2007 was just the two of us. 2008 we added Brent and Amber. 2009 was out of control – Jason, Nick, Brant, Katie J, Max, Nate, Danielle, Mark comprised our posse. It was sort of “Four Humors meets The Aspect Lab” affair. Ideally this meeting will lead to ‘Four Aspects and an Ivey’. Eh? Eh?

Before I knew it, and by that I mean 1/2 a plate of fries and a Jack and Coke later, it was time to walk the red carpet. FoolpThe Humors made it past the paid Fans/Photographers first and Nate, Mark, Danielle and I were caught second. Due to the volume of our group and in best attempts to keep us seated together, we were about three rows from the back of the State Theater. This was still close enough to enjoy how intoxicated one of the first presenters was. As well as how amazing all of the performers were. Something I really enjoyed this year, which I’m certain was planned, was how there were multiple instances ofIvey award winners that happened to ‘coincedently’ be performing. Which I understand is one way of ensuring the winner is in attendance of the event.

For those of you not as familiar with the Ivey’s, please allow me to shed some insight on their philosophy of how to host an Award ceremony.

Unlike typical award ceremonies – your Oscar’s, Emmy’s, Grammy’s, and so on, where you have set categories for awards and each award that goes sethout has Nominees. All of those things – except the physical award – are missing from the Ivey’s. The ONLY set awards are the Life Time achievement award and the Emerging Artist award. Everything else, is kind of random. Best ensemble, Best Company, Best Production, and so on. The kicker is, because there are no nominees, no one really knows who the awards are going to. Which leads to awkward moments where people have to accept awards for other people who were too sick to come and saying things like “I wish I hadn’t told my mom not to come.” It would break my heart to not be able to share a moment like that with my family.

OK, I’m stepping down from my Ivey Soap Box, so that I can share now about the After Party. The past two years it was norahosted at the IDS crystal court and hosted by Mission. I LOVED this because it’s a beautiful location AND my friend is a manager there which means – Lisa Got Hooked UP. This year, the after party was hosted by The Capitol Grill and held in the hallway of the Lasalle Plaza. The mini bars were over priced and no one felt the need to alert Rock Bottom that there would be over 1,000 people hanging out that evening, so they were tremendously understaffed.

To end my Negative Nancy rants, I have to say, my absolute favorite part nathanSof this whole event is having the opportunity to reunite with so many friends that sometimes I only get to see once a year. I was able to see my Jackson folks – Karen, Allen, Nathan, Seth, and Nora – who all are so beautiful, I cannot handle being with them for too long. OK, that’s a lie, I could be around them forever. They’re amazing.

Overall, the evening was wonderful – even with all of my complaints, nothing beats getting dressed up, having drinks, matt2dancing, and having the opportunity to catch up with old friends and spend quality time with new ones. I guess my final beef is with my partner in crime and the fact that he a.) didn’t pass the flask and b.) bailed early. Let it be known, I won’t be as forgiving next year, Spring.




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