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Post Fringe Post

Wow, it appears that I fell off the Blog-Wagon immediately after the Fringe Festival closed. Subsequently, that is also when my post-fringe hangover began. 


I’m happy to report, that after a trip to Washington DC to visit my friend Cindy, 6 or so auditions, 1 casting, a weekend wedding at Breezy Point, and a run in with the plague, I’m Back! I’ve been quite busy during the five weeks since Foolproof closed, I have also almost finished unpacking, though I’m certain Chris would tell you otherwise.

So, I know the question that has been on everyone’s mind since August 10th: “What will you do next, Lisa?” Thank you for asking! Next weekend I’m going to work with a friend on a metal/goth/vampire music video shoot. This will be a whole new experience for me so I’m pretty excited. That and I get to wear a wedding dress from 1986 that’s been dyed black. What more could a girl as for?


The next big thing on my plate is a little something called Let’s Scrap Christmas! with Season’s Dinner theater in Coon Rapids. It’s going to begin rehearsing in Mid-October and the show will run from November 28th through December 31st. We’ll be doing 9 shows a week. I want everyone to know this, just so that I can A.) fully disclose how crazy I am – given that I will still be working my regular 40hrs a week. And B.) Apologize now, for any unreturned phone calls and/or my general disappearance from face of the earth – I promise that I’ll be free again in January. 🙂

I’ll post more info about the show as time progresses. Another round of thank yous to everyone that made it out to the Fringe this summer and I can’t wait to share this upcoming music video!

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