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Coverage Alert!!!

More Pie, Please!

Perfect Pie

I am excited to announce that our show as well as 20% got a Fabulous write up in the Minneapolis – St. Paul Magazine!!!!

Here’s a taste:

This month, 20% Theatre Company Twin Cities is doing a show called Perfect Pie by prominent Canadian playwright Judith Thompson. Written by a woman and starring four female actors, the play suits the company’s mission perfectly—and that mission is to help provide employment for women in the theater arts.

After reading in 2002 that women hold only 20 percent of professional theater jobs, write a mere 16 percent of professionally produced plays, only 17 percent of which are directed by women, company founders Claire Avitabile and Blythe Davis decided they wanted a bigger piece of the theatrical pie. And so, in 2006, 20% Theatre Company Twin Cities was formed as a sister branch to the original 20% in New York City and the secondary one in Chicago.

To read the full article – Click HERE.