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Opening Night…

It’s Opening Night Day! In just a few short hours, Live Action Set The Happy Show opens at the Bedlam Theater and I’m pretty excited. We previewed last night to a 25 person house and the overall reaction was really positive. This is a show like none other I’ve been in before and I’m really enjoying it because of that.

It’s not your typical night of theater. You won’t walk into a proscenium setting, find your seat, get comfortable and pray that your butt won’t go numb, kind of show. It’s been dubbed a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type of show. You might see spaces in the Bedlam that you never knew existed. You might not.  You might get to style some one’s hair. You might not. There are a lot of things that will happen during this show that you might not see which is why it’s a great show to come back to. There aren’t many performances in town that really want to see twice – unless you are Knee High Theater‘s performance of Brief Encounter. But that’s a whole other story.

In summary, for either $20 or $25 (depending on the performance you attend) you will get an adult beverage, Dinner, and a show like you’ve never seen before. I really hope you’ll join me for it. And if you do – be sure to stay after and grab a drink with me so we can catch up.