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Back At It.

So, it’s March. Theatrically speaking, things have been a bit slow lately. I’ve been to quite a few auditions, but nothing’s been the right fit for me. Alternatively, I may not have been the right fit for those things either.  One really nice thing about not being involved in rehearsals though, is getting to actually go out and see theater. In the first two months of this year, I’ve seen at least 10 shows. One of those being Walking Shadow’s Mojo –  It was honestly one of the best productions I’ve seen in Minneapolis in a very long time. Other memorable shows included Mel Brooks’ The Young Frankenstein  and TRP’s Burial At Thebes.

Some recent side projects that I worked on have become available to the public – including the music video in which I drenched myself in corn syrup blood. I Am One was completed in the middle of February and still creeps me out, in good ways. Besides that, I worked on an in-office email campaign video with ‘Kreisle Productions’. I hope to have that online shortly as well. As one of my coworkers said “You can go from normal to crazy really quickly.” True story.

Back around the time we shot I Am One, I got the opportunity to work with Three Volts as an extra on a series of mini commercials for Chex Mix Crazy Party Crashing Ideas. It was a really fun night and they turned out really well. I definitely hope to work with them again in the future.

In other news, February was a month of Travel – the first few days were spent in Chicago with Mom and Grandma to celebrate Mom getting closer to 50. Last week I decided to see what it was like to be a snow bird and made my way down to Tucson, AZ to visit Grace at grad school. Good times were had and pictures will be posted soonish.

Hopefully I will have news of a new production soon and updates will follow suit!

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