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FFA – Not your kid’s Future Farmers of America

Being from northern Minnesota, the acronym FFA brings visions of livestock and grains to mind. Now officially a city girl, FFA now stands for Fringe For All. Each summer, a few weeks before the Fringe Festival begins, the Fringe hosts an evening of 30, 3 minute previews. This is to help Fringe Enthusiasts get a taste of what’s going to be on stage this summer and in some cases help them determine go or no for a show. Foolproof  previewed this Monday, July 20th to a packed house at the Ritz, along with 29 other companies.  I will follow up with my own Top 10 list of Fringe shows that I would recommend, but right now, I just wanted to get this preview out to every one.

Tony took the time to write a new script for our preview, as there really isn’t a perfect 3 minute scene that would make an audience member wet themselves in excitement over our show. Well, that’s not true, but if we performed that scene, it would sort of give away the show and then no one would need to come and see it. Without further adieu, here are Tony, Mark and I, and our preview of Foolproof.

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