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Well, I Finally Got Sucked Into The Fringe…


Watch Out Minneapolis...
Watch Out Minneapolis…

So by this point in the summer, I felt that the opportunity to be involved in the Fringe had passed me by. 

But I was wrong.

Oh so very, very wrong.

My darling friend and Prince Charming happened to show intrest in an audition on that I had also noticed and shown intrest in.  After 40min in rush hour traffic, two wrong turns in Coon Rapids, some CRAZY costume action – and we were invited into the cast of:

War of the Worlds: The Musical.


It should be fun.  I get to tap dance and wear a silly costume. AND We are performing at the old Gutherie Lab space in the warehouse district of Minneapolis on the following dates:

July 31st @ 10pm

Aug 3rd @ 5:30pm

Aug 6th @ 10pm

Aug7th @ 7pm

Aug 8th @ 8:30pm

For all kinds of crazy information, visit:



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